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GPS Fleet Tracking Integrated Solutions for Vehicle Tracking

We are the technology partners in the transportation industry to provide the latest GPS fleet vehicle tracking and monitoring system to track and monitor an array of vehicles. Shree Enterprises fleet tracking integrated systems help transportation companies to keep track of the vehicle movements with its cloud computing services to monitor the locations. 


From managing the automotive assets to tracking status reports to fuel efficiencies of the vehicle driver, Fleet tracking solutions help to cover the business operations smoothly. Our fleet systems have plug-and-play devices to track speed, hard braking, and undue acceleration that causes various wear & tear on the vehicles.


Accordingly, our GPS fleet tracking integrated system helps the transportation logistics to time track, monitor routes, and other aspects necessary to carry out business operations. With it, engine diagnostics and drivers' service hours become easy to track.

What Do GPS Fleet Tracking Integrated Solutions Proffer?

  • Vehicle Tracking: Shree Enterprises GPS Fleet tracking integrated solutions provide insights into the operational performance of the vehicles. The real-time customized dashboard demonstrates the alerts and reports to the driver and the Logistics companies to easily track the driver’s performance and safety norms.


  • Asset Tracking: Tracking assets is easy with the Shree Enterprises GPS Fleet tracking integrated systems. With a single platform, the assets get located on the platform by providing a suitable location, reports matching the demands of the users. With the GPS Fleet tracking system, asset tracking has become easy with real-time access.


  • Electronic Logging Device Compliance: Businesses can stay compliant with the GPS Fleet tracking integrated systems with automated workflows and detailed reporting. Shree Enterprises' 24/7 customer support and detailed reporting help the companies to stay connected. Along with it, we offer built-in inspections to identify the vehicle maintenance to avoid penalties. 


  • Cameras: Our dashboard cameras help keep track of the driver’s behavior while driving the vehicle. Track driver's activities easily with 24/7 platform access. Shree Enterprises GPS Fleet tracking gives insights into real-time videos and instant footage with AI-powered cameras. 

  • Weather Reports: The integrated GPS Fleet system describes weather patterns and related events details to the drivers. Before selecting any route, the drivers can easily choose the destination routes accordingly to prevent various inconveniences that might cause problems in the journey. The interactive platform informs drivers about the weather updates.

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Services We Offer For Fleet GPS Monitoring

  • Top GPS Fleet Equipment: We have top–quality GPS Fleet Monitoring equipment with advanced technology to manage the services. The digital dashboard and interactive environment help to organize activities easily.  


  • Reliable Web-Based Solutions: The robust platform helps to keep you updated with the overall operational workflow. The powerful GPS Fleet system benefits the customers committing them to become industry leaders.


  • Comfortable Maintenance Services: The GPS Fleet services help to fit the user's needs. The Fleet Monitoring system maintenance is carried out efficiently in cost-effective ways.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our clients are of utmost priority. We build business relationships with our clients providing them satisfactory results with our services. Client happiness is what we want to achieve with our services.

Please feel free to contact Shree Enterprises today for more information and queries about GPS Fleet Tracking Integrated Services and Solutions. We have Special Offers and packages available for our customers. We offer transportation services all over India.

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