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Secondary Transportation Services for Retail Distribution in Karnataka, India

Our Secondary transportation services involve the delivery logistics of products from the warehouse to its customers. The delivery of products takes place within specified locations. We have a range of tools to manage the movement of the vehicles with timely deliveries to customers. It helps to determine the primary locations and routing structures for managing inventories. Cement secondary handling is now easy with our transportation services. Apart from this, transportation of Ethanol, Gypsum, Coke, and GGBS delivery from one source to destination can be delivered, with the specialized fleet of our vehicles.

Our Secondary Transportation Means

  • Full Truck Load Vehicles: We offer full truckload facilities with multiple logistical networks for customers with dedicated fleets specialized to meet customer needs. We deliver goods from the warehouse to customers directly with proper quality control and safety checks.

  • Express Freights: To maintain the sales flow, transportation of goods is necessary. Providing express freight logistics to the customers is considered a significant aspect. We are committed to adapting to the market changes and addressing customer needs safely to the desired locations.

  • Track & Trace: Our secondary transportation system is well equipped with GPS equipment. It helps to keep an eye on the driver and the routes they follow. The satellite navigation provides real-time information to keep track of shipment details.


Factors We Consider While Providing Our Services

  • Vehicle Capability & Availability

  • Customer Location Considerations

  • Drivers Availability 

  • Timely and Safe Product Delivery

Why Shree Enterprises Secondary Transportation Services?

  • Proactive Approach: We follow a proactive approach to provide on-time responses and replies to our customers.

  • Quality Services: We have the quality of the fleet sourced from markets. We provide quality services to our customers and vendors.

  • Competitive Rates:  We provide a competitive edge to our competitors in the marketplace. Thus, offer cost-effective sources with enhanced quality services.

  • Enhanced Geographical Reach: We have our secondary transportation services and warehouses to better coordinate at different geographical locations.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers are of utmost importance to us. We provide 100% customer satisfaction with our services.

  • Trained Drivers: We have hired professionally trained drivers compliant with our relevant management system requirements.

For more information about our secondary Transportation Services, please feel free to share your queries with Shree Enterprises today. We have Special packages available for our Customers with high-end services. We provide the best secondary transportation services all over India. Make the right decision and book your services with us.

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